Our Capabilities

EMA is focused on assisting its clients with mergers, acquisition, divestitures, intellectual property licensing and sales, recapitalizations, growth capital raises and other transactional-based services.

Company Sales and Divestitures

  • Full, majority or minority company sales
  • Sale of underutilized assets or non-core businesses
  • In addition to traditional revenue-generating companies, EMA also has substantial expertise in the sale of pre-revenue, intellectual property-oriented companies

Intellectual Property Monetization

  • Outlicensing of underutilized or non-core IP assets
    • Frequently in the form of field of use licenses
    • Good source of non-dilutive financing to fund core business
  • In-licensing enabling technologies
    • To augment core IP
    • To become complementary product or service set
  • Core IP assets
    • Outright sale or outlicensing of core IP, which in many cases, is equivalent to a company sale
    • Transaction structures revolving around core IP cover a wide range and can also include collaboration or joint development agreements with a strategic partner, often with components such as consulting or employment agreements, or supply agreements

Capital Raises and Recapitalizations

  • Growth capital raised either from Private Equity Groups or other pooled money sources or via strategic collaboration
  • Recapitalizations in order to simplify ownership structures or to allow certain stakeholders to exit the business

Buy-Side Acquisitions

  • Acquisitions for corporate clients looking for geographic expansion, to fill out product lines or to otherwise leverage existing business infrastructure
  • Acquisition search for companies that do not have a robust US-oriented M&A function in-house, such as overseas publicly-traded corporations, and domestic private companies

Strategic Recruitment

  • Placement of mid to senior level candidates in commercial, managerial and C-Suite roles
  • Specializing in Private Equity partnerships, life science, SaaS and specialty manufacturing
  • Subscription service including placement of candidates and talent market research
  • Recruitment process advising, and support services including compensation analytics, prescreening and onboarding resources
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